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The Culture mailing list is an eclectic gang of people discussing things related to Iain (M) Banks and his books.

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"This is a high-volume list, and there are usually several discussions going on at once. For the benefit those who don't want to read every message, it's a good idea to update your message's subject heading to reflect your post. So we don't get a gazillion messages all called 'onion skins'..."

FAQ explains how to subscribe/unsubscribe etc.

Scanned book covers

The Questionnaire What we want to know about you :)



CrowCon3 Pictures are Here!



Oz CrowCon

The t-shirt


The Culture Shock Best Iain (M) Banks site on the net

the excession Nice 3D Pictures, often updated

The Culture Fanzine

Steven Gross has a nice page

The Wasp Factory has some stuff also, among them results from a vote on favourite Banks work.

Spike interview with Banks

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