The Culture Mailing List Questionnaire




Where d'ya live


Wanna be a writer?

How did you hear about this list.

Favourite kids TV prog (nod to Pipkins tendency)

Think this list should stay more 'on-topic'? (Guaranteed immunity from prosecution)

Fancy a get together? Suggestions. (must be on Earth)

Favourite drink

Favourite Book/Genre Banks non-Banks

Favourite Banks line/scene

Favourite Gland: If you could deign a custom drug gland, what would it be?

Favorite Class A drug

Favorite Class B drug

Sexual orientation (go on!)

Favourite deviant practice

Religious beliefs

Particularly despised religious viewpoint/religion

Do you preach Banks to your mates, how many converts

Closest political affiliation - Left to right 1 - 10 or right angles :-)

Small photo, preferably GIF?




Other hobbies


Other people you live with

What you live in

Anything else interesting you want to tell us.

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