"naaaaa. mine definitely doesn't look like that"

morpheus holding duncan up (oo-er!)

"all because the lady loves...um, black magic?"
TAKE TWO:"all because the duncan loves..."
ronan chancing his pint....
...and duncan offering his head (oo-er!) again -wHHHop!
duncan risking all (again) to see if it's REALLY pierced! -YES duncan, it is.
awwwwwww gis a big squishey hug!
emmet attempting to catch kaths...."aaaaaaaaCCCCHO!" (uggggh...)
yes we were that drunk.
janice & fionna finding emmet's head amusing?..ronan looking serene (trying to look sober more like)

me generally losing my sense of balance... funny that?


emmet practising grrrrrrrr-ing at morpheus - but he 'aint phased
emmet wrestling with kath (sorry, i forgot the babyoil)
sod that. i can't think of any more captions.
ahhhhhhh, must be lurv!
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! gis'akissluv.... (is that ronan?)
an' sssssat's all folks. hic! "now where's me wiskey gone?"



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