Ad Astra: A Science Fiction Game

Lesser Powers of Sol System

Although the culture of Sol System is shaped by the troika of Earth, Mars and the Belt, there are a number of habitats and outposts scattered across the other worlds and moons, and in the frozen reaches of Sol's borderland. There are only three polities of any note: the Jovian League, the Saturnian Unified Ring Territories and Titan.

The Inner Planets

The inner system is completely dominated by Cis-Luna and Mars. The two innermost planets are of little importance.


The Outer Planets

The central regions of Sol system are the realm of the gas giants: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The outer system is dominated by the interests of the Belt. The Belt economy is dependent on mining the rings and moons of the gas giants for the volatiles necessary for expanding ecosystems. In addition the ice mined is used as reaction mass for the ships that ply the trade routes of Sol System. There are three major polities in the Outer System: the Jovian League, the Saturnian Unified Ring Territory, and Titan. These three entities are all less than a century old; none is as important as any of the major Belt factions.

The Jovian League
Ring Territories

The Kuiper Disc

A diffuse collection of ten billion minor icy bodies, the Kuiper Disc stretches from the orbit of Neptune into the interstellar darkness. The largest of these bodies are the Pluto-Charon system, but there are tens of thousands larger than 100km across. The primary use of Kuiper belt objects is the 'collision mining' of short period comets for use in the terraformation of Mars.

The Oort Cloud

The outermost reaches of the system, a light year from Sol, are the domain of comets. The Oort cloud consists of vast numbers of these dirty snowballs, waiting to be perturbed into the long fall sunwards. This far out of the system Sol is just another bright star.

There are a dozen or so automated research craft operating in the cometary halo, as well as a number of very remote habitats, several run by isolationist religious groups.

The future of Ad Astra

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