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Cis-Luna is the collective name for the Earth, Luna and the orbital space aorund the two bodies. This is the region whose citizens are members of the Ecclesia, and within which the Praesidium operates.

The cradle of humanity, Earth is still the centre of Terran civilization. The four billion inhabitants are the most numerous faction of humanity.

The Moon and the Earth-orbital installations make up Cis-Lunar Space, the most populous region in the Human Archipelago outside Earth. The total population of Cis-Lunar Space is approximately 254 million, of which 215 million live in orbital habitats.


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Low Orbit

Although many of the earliest stations and factories were in near-Earth orbits the largest facilities have relocated to geosynchronous orbit (for ease of access via the beanstalks) or the Earth-Moon Lagrange points. Today, low orbit is only sparsely inhabited. The few small habitats in low orbits are mostly hotels or executive retreats, with amazing views of the planet below.

In contrast to the few habitats, low orbit contains many constellations of direct-communications satellites, as well as Earth-observation stations designed for weather prediction or spying, and weapons platforms.

Clarke Belt

Geosynchronous orbit contains many small orbital cities, as well as the terminals of the three Terran beanstalks and a host of smaller satellites. The region contains the freefall factories that account for much of Earth's heavy industry and the vast solar power stations that power the great Terran cities.

From Earth the Clarke Belt habitats are visible as a fragmented arch of a thousand brilliant stationary stars stretching from horizon to horizon across the night sky. The solar arrays are brighter than anything in the sky except for the Sun or Moon.

The beanstalks, diamond towers that stretch from the surface to asteroids in orbit above the Clarke belt, are the bridges that link Earth to Cis-Lunar Space. Almost all commerce between Terra and the colonies flows through the three beanstalk terminals.

Orbital Society
New Artsutanov
High Columbia
KDE Beanstalk
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Lagrange Points

The five stable positions of the Earth-Moon Lagrange points are the sites of habitation complexes that rival those of the largest Belt clusters.


A vast inter-corporate industrial park, startling in both its scale and complexity, Luna provides both raw materials for the orbital factories and finished products for Earth. Several metanational corporations are based in Luna, the most powerful of which is GLO, which grew out of the Galileo Observatory.

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