First Contact with the Soos'Aer

Selected Timeline
  • Elysium Colony established at Tau Ceti.
  • Tangaroa Ocean survey begins.
  • First communication with Soos'Aer.
  • Sol System learns of Soos'Aer.
  • Science ramrobot departs for Tau Ceti.
  • Science team arrives at Tau Ceti.

The colony on Elysium (Tau Ceti) had been established in 2197, but the first communication with the world's indigenous sophonts did not occur until 2243. Humans had been aware of the Soos'Aer for decades before the first dialogues, but the xenobiologists of Elysium Colony considered them to be a non-sentient social predator. It was only in the 2240s, when the colonists carried out a survey of the ecology of the Tangaroa Ocean, that the complexity of Soos'Aer society was recognized.

The colony's linguists and exobiologists at once began an intensive study of the language of the Hal'Aera, the alliance of families that sometimes visited the tidal lagoons of southern Cythera. Within a few years word of contact with humans had spread to most of the families of Tangaroa and the shallows around Rhadamanthys.

The news of contact with a non-Terran sentient species caused a sensation when it arrived in Sol System in 2254. Within months, the three great powers had agreed to send a joint science team to augment the limited expertise of Elysium Colony's own scientists. A group of three hundred scientists departed from the Belt four years later and arrived in the Tau Ceti system in 2282.

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