Third City Library

The library, when it opens, will consist mainly of a forms-driven FAQ on the Culture and anything else anyone wants to post. Questions and answers will be directly entered, much like a bulletin board. As well as that, it will gradually build up a collection of threads from the list. We'll try and include some baby-oil. However, that glorious day is not yet upon us - what you can do, to ease the pain, is spend money in the library bookshops.

Right now (6 Jan 99) we support Amazon UK and USA. All seventeen of The Master's books are available now from Amazon UK (in paperback), and you can place a pre-release order for The Business. Only seven of them are immediately available from Amazon USA. Thus certain titles are available on one part of the site, and not on the other. It'll be sorted out eventually. In the meantime, enjoy yourself by spotting the bizarre price comparisons...

Some of the books in the Amazon USA section are listed as being 'out of print'. Amazon will try and find a copy for you, emailing you when/if they find one with a 'reply to proceed' email and a price. You pay nothing up front, and have the free option of refusing the book they may find. I have used this, and it works. Some of them are listed as 'out of stock' - this seems to be more serious, meaning that they cannot even accept an order. However, those 'unavailable' titles are perfectly available from the UK site. Use the force.

Please forgive the growing pains. Ideally, we will have a front-end that is not specific to any local Amazon (or any other brand), but for now we can't. If any of the info here is wrong or ambiguous, please let us know.

one more thing (4th Dec 98) - the 'Opinions' links go nowhere. That's because you shower haven't provided any. There will be yer average crude form to enter then soon. In the meantime, please email them. Now.

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