User Interfaces

In the early years of the information revolution the computer was a box, keyboard and screen which acted as the focus of data processing. However, since the mid 21st century the strategy of most manufacturers has been to 'defocus the system', making it an integral part of houses, vehicles, shops and offices, as opposed to being concentrated in one console.

At first glance a modern home or office would seem to contain no computer at all, but the system is actually waiting for instructions. A request for information addressed to 'computer' or 'house' enables easy access to public databases containing information on practically everything, including real-time news coverage. The control and display systems of most computers are in the form of direct neural links, but it is usually possible to display the required information on a screen-wall (together with stereo sound if relevant) as well. When not in use for data display the display typically shows 'wallpaper': a view of a beautiful landscape, a fractal pattern or a collection of paintings for example.

The future of Ad Astra

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