Cybernetics has come to be defined as the enhancement of the human body by electronic, biological or mechanical means. The term covers many medical procedures which are not aimed at correcting a defect or curing a disease. It has also been extended to embrace the use of similar technologies for the correction of major injuries, such as the cloning of organs or the mechanical replacement of organs.

Most cybernetic enhancements are 'soft': they cannot easily be detected by cursory examination. Almost everybody has at least an artificially enhanced immune system and an increasing number of people are buying neural jacks, retinal image processing and wide-spectrum eyesight.

Early literature that explored cybertech themes often included such outlandish devices as extremely strong limbs and built in weapon systems. These forms of enhancements have not arrived: they are both too expensive (with a vary small market) and necessitate the removal of the original limb, a procedure which most people are unwilling to undergo.

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