PraeSec Smart Ammo

All small-arms ammunition (from 0.5mm flechettes to 20mm heavy rounds) in use by PraeSec shares certain characteristics. The munition is constructed around a depleted uranium core, with an outer skin of teflon-coated titanium. Larger bullets usually incorporate a shaped charge warhead or submunition (commonly nanoprojectile) dispenser.

The head of the bullet is coated with a compound camera consisting of hundreds to thousands of lens-photosensor units. This visual array is connected to a nanocomputer that handles both guidance (usually by way of piezoelectric fins; larger binary-propellant models use vectored nozzles) and tacnet handling. Communication is provided by a quantum-dot laser.

Typically 300 frames per second of visual data and inertial guidance telemetry is transmitted in encoded pulses to the firing weapon and any trailing bullets in the burst. The burst coordinates its flight pattern to most effectively damage the target. In addition the user can use frames from the video feed for integration into a tactical data model.

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