Ad Astra: A Science Fiction Game

Sol Campaign

Sol Campaign Notes

Some key points in scenario construction:

The Player Characters

Recurring NPCs

A Knife in the Shadows

"I want you to find out who killed me," said the shade of Greg Heller, "and why." This request for help would lead the Artsutanov Yakuza into a web of deceit and treachery that spanned Earth.

The Solipsists
Greg Heller
Shade of oneiric artist.
Rachel Brennan
Solipsist cultist.
Josephine Clement
Assassin for the Arsutanov Yakuza.
Mikhail Andreievich Odoyevsky
PraeSec colonel; operational unit leader.
Act One: Investigation


Dreams and Visions

Against the hallucinatory intensity of the Xanadu Carnival, PraeSec desperately hunts a fugitive agent carrying a secret that might just change everything.

States of War

Maybe it started when the Imperial Battlecruiser Manifest Destiny, in a high orbit over Titan, unfolded its pulse cannon and fired three swarms of flechettes at the Astartan ship War Rocket Ajax. Or six hours before that when Archduke Lysander Wu defected to the Astarte Collective. However it happened, the Terran Imperium and Astarte Cluster were at war.



Balance of Terror

Broken Symmetries

The future of Ad Astra

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