The Tide Turns

However, the response of Earth forces left on Mars was ferocious; cut off from retreat it became, in their minds at least, a do or die situation. Any non-Earth personnel became targets; the Martian population was being systematically exterminated. However, most visible population centres had already been destroyed.

Despite the fact that the Martians were in fact winning at this point, 2199 and 2200 were the darkest years of the war. Attacks on cis-Luna space continued, specifically missile systems, weapons factories and shuttles. Despite the best efforts of Earth forces, these sabotages and outright attacks could not be stopped; some of the old Earth nations seemed to be taking advantage of the fog of war to take their own pot shots at the Transnats.

In July 2200 the Martian resistance collapsed the Mars beanstalk, totally isolating Transnat forces on Mars from substantial backup for the following five months.

The future of Ad Astra

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