War, Famine and Pestilence

The population of Terra continued to grow throughout the century. Draconian measures taken by the most overpopulated nations and the transition to developed economies across much of the world finally brought the population exapansion under control. By c2100 the global population had levelled off at around 10 billion.

Ten billion people, however, is considerably more than could be confortable supported with pre-nano technologies. The consequences were predictable: war, disease, starvation, pollution. Africa, South America and southern Asia were ravaged by famine and wave upon wave of epidemics. A human tragedy on an unprecendented was further worsened by a succession of low-level localised conflicts.

As well as the string of wars barely larger than tribal feuds (but no less bloody for their small scale), there were many larger wars. The continuing proliferation of fission weapons inevitable lead to some of these conflicts 'going nuclear' There were limited exchanges on the Indian sub-continent (two separate exchanges between India and Pakistan and then India and the Central Asian Islamic Republic) and in Korea (at the end of the second US-Korean war), Indochina and southern Africa.

The largest and longest war of the century was the Nan Hai War fought between China, Indonesia and others over the oil reserves of the South China Sea. It may be argued that this was actually a war between Soyuz-Mikoyan and China.

The future of Ad Astra

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